Endurance training for kids….Wait a minute!!!

The Olympic Games are over and parents everywhere are motivated and eager to get their kids out there training, with the hopes of watching them on tv one day hanging medals around their necks for their home countries.  There is nothing wrong with this practice, until it becomes such an egoist pursuit that makes everyone but the children happy. First, you ask your child what … Continue reading Endurance training for kids….Wait a minute!!!

Organic Training [exercising for fun]

Let’s wrap our heads around this thought; you don’t need a reason to exercise/workout other than because it makes you happy. That’s right the eternal pursuit of happiness cliché and, endurance training can certainly get you closer there. Training or exercising should be a voluntary act, an organic experience, don’t try to justify it and just do it! (not sponsored by N*** tho). It should … Continue reading Organic Training [exercising for fun]

My top 3 long distance triathlon racing tips.

(I originally wrote this post last year on my Facebook page for my friends racing Ironman 70.3 San Juan. I recently found it and realize it still relevant and some other people may benefit from it) It’s a long day When things get tough remember the good days of training where you overcame your expectations and finished that monster workout. Also think about how the … Continue reading My top 3 long distance triathlon racing tips.

Simplified Training Periodization.

You fitness level WILL fluctuate through the year, that’s a fact! The question is; how do we make sure we are at out best shape for race day of for a certain period of time? The answer is periodization. This means to create a systematic approach through understanding your strengths & weaknesses, in such way that allows you to create a progressive training program that … Continue reading Simplified Training Periodization.