Easy Endurance

Endurance sports training advice, interviews and educational resources.


Easy Endurance blog is produced & run by Emmanuel Márquez a physical education teacher & itu certified triathlon coach  from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since his childhood sports have always been a big part of his life specifically Endurance Sports. For the last 10 years he’s been fascinated by the training, strategies and all technical aspects of cycling, swimming, running amongst others. The focus of this blog is to share insights, analysis, education and motivation on these disciplines, based on his experiences over the last 10 years as an athlete, teacher, coach and enthusiast. We’ll try our best to bring new & meaningful content every monday.

As a constant effort of improving himself, this platform also provides the author with an opportunity to practice and sharpen writing and communication skills in english. Hopefully at the end of each post you will have the same level of enthusiasm and satisfaction that he had when he wrote it and keep coming back for more.