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Blogging -when done right- is not just putting words together as they come to your mind. It requires programming, writing and editing your heart out. While you’re on vacation it doesn’t stop, at all. Here are some of the places I took time off -during my recent trip to Cleveland -to work on Easy Endurance.

Public Square

I found this table/chair set up which seemed perfect for me n Public Square, right in front of the city’s landmark; Tower City. The fact that the plaza had free wi-fi was a plus.

Blue Line Train -RTA

Every train ride presents the oportunity of free time while commuting. Here I am as I ride to Cleveland’s east side on the blue line train putting some work in for Easy Endurance.

Brookside Reservation

Brookside Reservation is not only the place where I run the most when I visit Cleveland, it also has many recreation areas ad relaxation spots near the creek. As I seat on that border I soak it all in and focused on the tranquility of the surroundings and the task ahead.

The Flats

As I was exploring the city with my dad I found this little beach by the river in the west side of the flats. It’s an entertainment district, filled with pubs, an aquarium and boating and kayaking opportunities. On this day though I focused on my keyboard and bringing quality content to the table.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Zoo days means lots of walking and sweating. I was relief to find this spot, it’s a lumberjack type kind of Shack equipped with everything from that era. A neat wooden bench and free wi-fi was all I needed to put a little session in, made my $15 admission ticket all that much worthed.

JACK Thistledowns racetrack & casino.

As you probably know by now my brother makes a living by working with race horses. That means I was around the racetrack a lot, either working with or waiting for him. I used my free time and complimentary -FAST- wifi to work on Easy Endurance. This is in the clubhouse on one of the slow days as I take advantage of the empty spaces to zoom all in.

As you already know there are not off days, there is no finish line.

Thanks for supporting Easy Endurance and as always;

be positive, be professional, be a gentleman!


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